The Hen Party

Okay, so truth be told, I actually had two hen parties and my bride tribe are already in discussions arranging a third one now we have more time… Turns out I’m more than a little bit spoilt! Anyway, my main hen party was an overnight stay in the most stunning Manor House in Huddersfield between Christmas and New Year last year and it couldn’t have been any more amazing.

Firstly, let me tell you all about the absolutely breathtaking house we stayed at for the night! It’s called ‘The Scarlet Hen’ and is based in Huddersfield and I’ve never felt more like a princess than I did whilst staying there. The accommodation is spread out across 4 floors with so much space for everyone. There’s a hot tub, en-suites to almost every room and an absolutely stunning roof terrace in the attic room to name just a few of its key features. Charlotte, the host, couldn’t have been more helpful – she arranged us an early check in and a later check out, gave my bridesmaids a full tour of the house and even unpacked our online shop for us! Now if that’s not 5* service I don’t know what is!

There were 13 of us there all together and, I think I speak for everyone when I say, we had an absolute ball! My mum and bridesmaids headed over first to set up and they did an amazing job – although I was left in the downstairs hallway (now referred to as the holding pen!) and fed Prosecco whilst they completed the finishing touches. Once all the guests arrived, we went through into the kitchen where we were all handed a glass of Prosecco and one of my lovely bridesmaids showed us around. I know I’ve already said it, but nothing could prepare me for just how fabulous the house was!

We started the day with a Marks and Spencers afternoon tea and some goodie bags. It was amazing, little sandwiches and so many laughs – what’s not to love! Once we’d all had our fill of buns and cakes we moved through to the other side of ‘the white room’ to play some games. My Sister in Law had organised Mr and Mrs and we did some ‘how well do you know the bride’ games which were hilarious. No surprises when my mum and sisters won – but they did play as a team which some thought was definitely a cheat! My favourite game had to be the one where all the hens brought me a little gift and I had to guess who each gift was from! It was so simple but it brought back so many lovely memories from them all as each gift was something that reminded me of them.

Next up came the cocktails! My cousin (and MOH) is a self confessed cocktail queen so it only made sense that she made a collection of cocktails for us all to enjoy in the hot tub. Whilst she was busy downstairs in the kitchen, whipping up some delicious concoctions, we stayed upstairs and had some fun with ‘Keith’. ‘Keith’ was actually part of an acting game however his presence was felt throughout the rest of the evening – everyone loved a bit of ‘Keith’! I said from word go I didn’t want a blow up doll but turns out, it was actually one of the highlights of the hen!

Next was PJ time and we had a curry delivered. It was my perfect night! My sneaky bridesmaids all told me we weren’t allowed to use the dining room as it was being decorated by the owner and I gullibly accepted this. What was actually happening was they had decorated it ready for our curry banquet in the evening and it was fabulous! We had the food delivered from a local curry house and we all sat around and ate and drank some more. Once we were suitably fed, it was time for more games and cheese and biscuits! There was pass the parcel (with some questionable advice!), the wedding dress game and what we fondly refer to as ‘the shit present game’. As the night drew on, one by one, we filtered to bed. All being together in the house was fab because it meant as soon as anyone felt tired, they could just go to bed! No need to wait for a taxi!

The next morning was just as lovely! I enjoyed a cup of tea on the terrace with two of my bridesmaids before we faced the masses downstairs. We mainly hung about in the kitchen in the morning, snacking on toast and fruit and chatting about the night before. We all had lovely relaxing baths in our ensuite’s (or someone else ensuite if you thought their bathroom was more decadent than your own!) and then my mum held what can only be described as a food auction to get rid of the left over snacks and wine that everyone was too polite to just take! Most of the hens went home with their goodie bag and next weeks shopping – as always my mum had over catered!

And that was it. The hen was over and all I was left with was these incredible memories! I do think it’s worth mentioning though that my mum, Godmother and bridesmaids planned most of this with very little input from me – there were so many surprises (some of which I haven’t included because I’d be writing for days!) and I felt so loved. They are my absolute rocks and I couldn’t do this crazy wedding journey without each and every one of them!

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  1. This is wonderful thank you!! I’m
    So so happy you had such a great time and your family and friends arranged such a prefect hen party for you xx

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